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CED and Southwire have partnered to give you the latest in SIMpull® Solutions for your Wire and Wire Pulling Needs.  Please review the Video links on this  page for the latest in SIMpul Product innovations
SIMpull® Solutions Gallery and Video Page
Southwire SIMpull™ Fish Tape
Southwire's Max Punch® Pro Knockout Tool
BENDmax™ Power Bender Overview
Southwire™ Circuit Breaker Finder Overview
XTS01 Cable Stripper
XTS02 Mini Stripper
BENDstation™ Rigid vs Competitor Demo HD
Rigid BENDstation™ Features & Benefits HD
Southwire SIMpull REEL™ Maneuverable Payoff System
SIMpull® CoilPAK™ NOLA Installation
Synergy Impact of Feeder Optimization – SIMpull Solutions®
SIMpull Head® Pulling Grips
Southwire Mobile Apps Overview
Southwire SIMpull Solutions® Configurator Mobile App - iPad
Southwire's BENDstation™ Pro workstation
Southwire's MAXIS® 10K Cable Puller
Southwire A-Frame SIM pull  Truck Jobsite Wire Pull  (February 15th 2018)                             Click Here to learn more about Southwire’s SIM pull  Truck.
Southwire SIMpull REEL™ Maneuverable Payoff System
Southwire Solutions University
Southwire Maxis 10K Puller in action at a Columbus Ohio Jobsite